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Majority of pains in the articulations are generally associated with elderly people and it is difficult to imagine that such sickness as rheumatism may be also a destiny of young patients. Sometimes t...

New OtcOvernight!

Today we are ready to present you a new OtcOvernight. New, more convenient design! We have long worked on user-friendliness, based on advanced trends. The current version is very convenient as on th...


Posttraumatic stressed disorder (PTSD) is generally developed chiefly owing to the traumatic event (psycho-traumatic incident) when you feel yourself helpless or threaten the danger. PTSD is usually a...

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Before buying of medical preparations, I agree with the rules of this medical portal. I confirm that:

  • I am 18 years old at least.
  • I, the patient, have done some tests in a hospital or other medical institutions which can do these examinations and my diagnosis was determined by a physician, who is actual for any necessary local following care and treatment.
  • I have been attentively informed and I fully understand all risks, effects, and also possible collateral results of the no prescription medicament(s), I may order in the pharmacies-partners.
  • I obligate to use purchased drug(s) according to the main instruction for applying or different recommendation from my physician.
  • I agree to be advised by an examining doctor that the using of the medicament(s) isn’t contraindicated for me it (they) is appropriate for my sickness’s treatment or other medical needs.
  • I consent to buy medical preparations without any prescriptions and understand that sellers aren’t responsible for the quality of these medications (with the exception of right keeping time).
  • I will not distribute any aforesaid medical agents to other buyers; I purchase the necessary medicines doe my own using only.
  • I always seek the prescription(s) for different necessary supply of medicamental products, not to stockpile beyond already an adequate supply on hand.
  • I will directly contact with a local physician for any needed medicamental intervention should a difficulty or problem result belonged to the applying of a requested preparation.
  • I am allowed by state’s law to employ different banking-cards (including credit, MasterCard, Visa and others) for payment of buying medical agents online.
  • I will answer all the questions truthfully about my personal data, necessary medications and diagnosis determine by my local physician.
  • I obligate to realize the payments of purchasing drug(s) in time according to the online-drugstore’s rules and inside regulation.
  • I understand all risks under the buying of different medicamental products including OTC preparations and possible side effects’ appearance.

We value our buyers above all else. Your private information and protection by law is very important for us and our partners, and will not be compromised in these questions. Our informational portal suggests only some information about different medical remedies’ applying, dosing, contraindications, collateral results and officinal interaction. We are only informers, not sellers. You can order and purchase different drugs in the best online-drugstores which are our partners (sellers) who realize the selling of medicaments, get a payment and implement the delivery of medical agent in worldwide.